Spearhead technical excellence by unleashing its mystery

"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge." Stephen Hawking
Code. Share. Inspire. Teams have 36 hours to design and build something awesome. It can be anything - a website, a mobile application, or even something hardware. The important thing is that it needs to work when it is presented to the judges.
Stoke a new digital revolution to drive intelligent choices for a better nation. As a technocrat, walk confidently into tomorrow knowing that you had a pivotal part to play in destroying old paradigms.
You need a future to believe in. You need a technology that will not let you down.
Event Type: Group
Team Size: 04

  • The duration of the event is 26 hours continuously.
  • The team consists of 4 members.
  • All team members should be from same college. No inter-college teams are allowed. However, members from different branches of the same college/ institute can form a team.
  • The teams must bring their own laptops, charger and other necessary devices.
  • Internet facility will be provided. The team can also come with their own Internet facility for high speed.
  • Open Source technology can be used by the teams.
  • The teams should send their abstract at hackathonmmu@gmail.comtwo days prior the event.
  • The teams need to submit their designed project at the end of the event to the organizing authority.
  • The decision of the organizing authority will be final in case of any issues.
  • Problem statementsand abstract format will be uploaded on the university website.

Three judging rounds will be there during the event. After each round, there may be an elimination based on the performance of the team. After the 3rd round, the top teams would be shortlisted for power judging round.

Mr. Ajay Pant 8077305490
Mr. Deepak Shrivastav 9650268873

TechHunt 2.0 is an event that is quite similar to treasure hunt. All the participating teams will be given a rule book along with first clue (Technical Clue), which they need to solve to move on to the next level. At the end, the teams will be shortlisted on the basis of number of answers provided and shortest task completion time. The shortlisted teams will go for the final round.
Event Type: Group
Team Size: 03

  • Each team should consist of 3 members.
  • Basic Technical Knowledge is a prerequisite for this event.
  • Shortlisted teams will go on to next level, which consists of 7levels (finale).
  • It is a 3 hours event. Each team has to complete all the levels within the time provided.
  • A time penalty will be enforced for each wrong answer. The time penalty increases as the level increases.
  • A clue is provided at each upcoming level. The entire team has to be present when the clue is provided, else it will lead to the elimination of that team.
  • The clues can be same for all the teams. It is the sole responsibility of each team to maintain secrecy.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of judges will be considered final and binding.
  • Winners would be decided according to the time taken by each team and no. of questions they solve.
  • Scoreand time penalty is added at each level for each incorrect answer.
Prashant Upadhyay 7056010506
Ms. Sabhya Kumari 8571837486

Students are required to present the thematic idea or work done in the given areas in form of poster. Themes for Bio-graffiting includes Stem cell and Tissue engineering, Agricultural and Natural Biotechnology products, Bioprocesses and Biochemisrty, Bioremediation, Biomass and Bioenergy, Molecular Medicine, Vaccine Development Technology, Nutrition Sciences, Microbial Technology, Gene Therapy and Antisense Technology, Biomaterials, Food and Nutrition Technology, Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine, Environmental and Industrial Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical Biotechnology.
Event Type: Duet
Team Size: 02

  • The teams should register their topic with the student coordinators, at the time of registration.
  • The poster should be carried to the venue on the same day of the event.
  • Size of the poster should be 1 m × 1 m.
  • Participants should bring essentials required for display of the poster with them.
  • Display space will be provided to the teams for one hour
  • Use of any abusive words and cheap dialogues is strictly prohibited
  • Decision of judges will be final.
FAQ’s (Write few questions with answers that you think students can ask)
Question: What does Bio-graffitingincludes?

Answer: It includes markings, slogans, or drawings, written, spray-painted, or sketched on a poster/hardboard.
Question: Who can participate?
Answer: UG & PG Students of Life sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Medical Science, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Dental Sciences.
Question: themes which can be presented in Bio-graffiting?
Answer: All major disciplines related to basic and applied Life Sciences. Specific topics have been mentioned in description.
Question: How it is different from scientific poster presentation?
Answer: It is not compulsory to present the research/scientific data. It may include the general aspects, concepts and public awareness to be conveyed through diagrams to the community.
Question: How many members can constitute a team?
Answer: Either single or maximum two members can present a team.
  • Concept & impact of the theme
  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Conveyed message
  • Overall impact
Mr. vaibhav Bajaj 8572070308
Mr. Ajay Kr. Mehta 7404322790

Problem Statement:
In the mighty cantilever participants will be designing and fabricating their own cantilever beam. The beam can take load upto 1000 times of the self-weight. The event focuses on

  • Understanding the concepts of different mighty cantilever beam
  • Design, fabrication and test of your mighty cantilever beam
  • Exposure to new technologies involved in mighty cantilever beam
  • Participants should bring essentials required for display of the poster with them.

  • Two Students per team
  • Only one kit will be provided to one team. Kit includes Ice cream sticks, cutter and glue. They can bring additional cutter and glue as per their requirement
  • Width of the beam should not be more than 4 inches
  • Length of the beam should not be more than 10 inches
  • The event-in-charge will be the final authority regarding the event and they have the rights to take required decision in case of any issue
  • Efficiency of the beam will be calculated as the ratio of the load taken to the self-weight of beam, team with maximum whose design has the maximum efficiency will be the winner.
Mr. Anmol 9053101933
Mr. Toyesh 8210821250

In paper cable contest the participants will be fabricating their own rope by using A4 size paper without any adhesive

  • Two Students per team
  • Fabrication Time : 2 hrs
  • Testing Time : 1 hrs
  • Only One kit will be provided to one team
  • Kit includes 30 pages (A4), cutter, thread and glue
  • Length of paper cable 3 feet (Minimum)
  • The event in charge will be the final authority regarding the event and they have the rights to take required decision in case of any issue
  • Efficiency that is weight take by rope by self-weight of rope
Mr. Anmol 9053101933
Mr. Toyesh 8210821250

The building of balsa-wood bridges is very often used as an educational technology. It may be accompanied by a larger project involving varying areas of study.
Typically classes which would include a balsa wood bridge cover the subject areas of physics, engineering, static equilibrium, or building trades, although it may be done independently of any of these subjects. Building a balsa wood bridge can be done after completing a section or unit covering a related topic or the process of design and building can be used to guide students to a better understanding of the desired subject area.

This instruction set will teach you how to design and construct your own bridge made out of balsa wood. This is a fun, intriguing project that will entertain an individual for hours. Many high school and college science and engineering classes will have projects similar to this one. Keep in mind for those individuals building high school projects that if this design does not meet the particular project specifications, for example truss height and bridge length that is ok. For these individuals the main concept to take from this project is the truss design and how to put the bridge together.

    The supplies required to complete this project include the following:-
  • ¼ X ¼ inch balsa wood. This project used five 3ft long sticks
  • Hot glue/hot glue gun or wood glue or Hot glue gun is highly recommended as it dries much faster
  • One 18 inch ruler
  • The event Incharge will be the final authority regarding the event and they have the rights to take required decision in case of any issue
  • A cutting board
  • One pen or pencil to mark measurements and sand paper
  • Two Students per team
  • The efficiency of the bridge is calculated as the ratio of the load taken to the self-weight of the bridge, teams whose design has the highest efficiency will be the winner.
Mr. Anmol 9053101933
Mr. Toyesh 8210821250

Brain Game is the perfect competition to test the technicals skills of electronics. This competition includes circuit designing with the help of available electronic components.

This competitions includes 3 rounds:
Round 1: There will be a box consisting of different types of components from which each team will find the components based on the specification which will be enlisted.

Round 2: The team will make the given circuit based on the electronic components found by them. They have to produce a desired output to go through he competition.

Round 3: The qualified team will go for the final MCQ round, where their technical knowledge will be tested.

  • Each team comprises of 2 students.
  • Time limitations:
  • Round 1: 5 mins
    Round 2: 20 mins
    Round 3: 15 mins
  • Any team involved in misconduct of the competion will be disqualified.
  • The competition will be judged on the right answers and correctness of the circuit. The team with maximium scores and minimum time will win the competition.

Hurdle-Mania is a robotic competion in which each team will present their robot under requied specifications. The robot has to pass through different hurdles like slopes, 90 degrees turn, turn table, sand pit, rails, up-down hill, etc.

Type of event: Group
Team Size: 1-4

    Team Specification
  • A team can consist of a maximum of four members.
  • Students from different educational institutes can form a team.
  • The students have to arrive with a valid identity card of their respective educational institution.
    Bot Specification
  • Maximum allowable dimensions of the bot will be 30 cmx30 cmx30 cm (l x b x h).
  • The bot can be manual or semi-autonomous.
  • The weight of the bot sholid not exceed 5 kg. This includes the weight of all external control devices.
  • The speed of the motors used must not exceed 500 RPM.
  • 12 V and 1 amp(max), DC supply will be provided to the teams during the event.
  • Teams can use 3 cell lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries for power supply, in case of wireless bot.
  • Use of an IC engine in any form is not allowed.
    General Rules
  • A team will be disqualified if it is not present with its bot on the allotted time.
  • The team will be disqualified if its bot fails to fulfill the given bot specifications.
  • The team will be disqualified if its bot is found to be damaging the opponent team's bot or the arena.
  • The bot will be checked for safety of the opponent's team and the arena, and would be disqualified if found unsafe.
  • LEGO kits or any other similar kits are not allowed.
  • Flying of bot using air foil, helium balloons, etc. is not allowed.
  • UThe organizers reserve the right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.
  • The decision of organizers will be final and binding on all.
  • Teams misbehaving with any of organizers will be disqualified and in unexpected cases decision of Event Head will be final.
  • The team to finish the race in the least possible time will win the competion. Judging is based on time. If the robot falls off the track +20 seconds will be added to the total time and the robot needs to start from the starting point or the check point. If the robot goes off the track +10 seconds will be added to the total time and if the robot steps into the danger zone +5 seconds will be added to the total time.

Build two bots that can kick a table tennis ball into the opponent’s Goalpost following the rules by using your creativity and come up with innovative kicking mechanisms to smash the ball into the goal post.
Maximum : 4 members

    The Arena:
  • The soccer field is 2 m x 1 m.
  • Blue field is 50 cm x 50 cm.
  • Goal post is 40 cm in length and 30 cm in height.
  • Boundary of the field will be covered by 15cms high wall.
  • There are two regions in the field, green field and blue field.
  • Plastic Table Tennis ball will be used.
    Bot Specifications:
  • Each team is allowed to have a maximum of two bots.
  • Bot must fit into a cube of (25 X 25 X 24)cm at all times. It may not expand beyond these dimensions during any point of the match. Violating this will cause immediate disqualification.
  • 10% tolerance will be allowed in any one dimension.
  • A battery with the voltage rating not exceeding 12 volts is allowed. This is an on-board power supply.
  • The weight of the bot should not exceed 3 kgs(this is including battery, motors etc., except spare components and the remote to control)
  • The remote control for the bot could be a wired or a wireless one.
  • Grabbing the ball is not allowed. So, any such mechanisms are not allowed.
  • In case of a wireless Bot, you must be able to control it with two different frequencies.
    Rules for game play:
  • Every match is 5 minutes in the first round. The duration for the matches in the next rounds will be decided by the organizers.
  • In case of a tie, an extra time of 90 seconds will be given, the winner will be the one who first scores a goal. If no one scores a goal, another tie breaker of 90 seconds will be held. Still if no one scores, the team with more negative points will lose.
  • Match will start from the center of the field with the TT ball kept in the red circle.
  • A goal will be considered only if the ball crosses the goal line completely.
  • Two manual bots of each team can enter into the green field at any time, once the match starts.

Robots are not allowed to be coloured blue,green or red in order to avoid interference with the goal colour. Blue or red coloured parts used in the construction of the robot must either be occluded by other parts from the perception by other robots or be taped/painted with a neutral.
The robot must not emit infrared light. However, optical sensors (e.g. infrared-distance-sensors) may be used as long as they do not affect other robots. This needs to be proved by a referee or an OC member if a claim is placed by the other team. Infrared light reflecting materials must not be used on the outside. If robots are painted, they must be painted matte. Minor parts that reflect infrared light could be used as long as other robots are not affected. A team claiming that their robot is affected by the other team’s robot reflecting infrared light has to show the proof/evidence of the interference.

    Fouls and Penalties:
  • Any kind of intentional damage to the opponent bot(s) will be considered as a foul.
  • Two bots should not be in contact for more than 5 seconds, in any case, otherwise a penalty of –2 points will be awarded to the team which blocked the other bot.
  • Two manual bots of the same team should not enter into any of the blue fields together. Only one at a time from each team can enter into the blue field. In the blue field, it is entirely one on one match. If more than 50% of the second Bot enters the blue region a penalty of -5 points will be given, and opponent bot which is outside blue region gets the ball, and the game is continued from the same position. If one Bot gets 'pushed' into the blue region which already has another Bot of the same team, penalty won’t be given.
  • The bot should not cross the opponent’s field before the start of the match. Violation leads -5 points.
  • Teams have to take care of their wirings. The wirings should be at the height of at least 30cms from the game field. Wirings shouldn’t touch the game field. If any team tries to disturb the game intentionally using wires or if wires are in contact with the arena for 5 seconds continuously penalty of -2 points will be given, and the opponent gets the ball and the game is continued from the same position.
  • None of the bots should grab the ball and hold it for more than 5secs. If it holds more than the prescribed time ball a penalty of -5 will be awarded, and the ball will be passed to opponent team and game restarts from center.
  • Each goal scored by a team by rolling the ball on the ground will fetch the team 1 point
  • In case of any discrepancy the final decision rests in the hands of coordinators
  • Any act of misbehavior or misconduct will lead to immediate disqualification of the team
  • The robots are not allowed to use grippers or actuations which are intended to harm the opponent’s robot
  • The competition is aimed at making the game a friendly soccer match rather than a robowar
  • Teams that violate the code of conduct can be disqualified from the tournament
  • In less severe cases of violations of the code of conduct, a team will be given a warning by showing it a yellow card. In severe or repeated cases of violations of the code of conduct a team can be disqualified immediately without a warning by showing it the red card
Mr. Ritesh Sharma 9418652430
Mr. Nishant Chauhan 9817991166

"Cycle- A set of few components joined together with help of nuts and bolts, anyone can do this" this is what an engineer thinks when he is asked to make a cycle.

So in this UniversuMM let's check how fast you can assemble components and make a working cycle out of it. Make your own cycle in a minimum span of time and be a 'Cycle-o-Expert'

Type of event: Group
Team Size: 1-3

  • A team may consist of a maximum of 3 participants
  • 3 hours will be given to a team to assemble a bicycle
  • A guide will be provided before the event starts but the teams won't be allowed to use the guide during the assembly time
  • Each team will be provided 20 mins to study the guide.
  • Teams will be provided tool kits by the organising Committee
  • Participants will have to complete the course of track on assembled bicycle without touching their feet on the ground
  • Participants cannot use any of their own parts to assemble the bicycle
  • The team completing the task in the shortest period of time wins the event
  • Any misbehavior can lead to disqualification from the event
  • Judges decision will be final, binding to all and irrevocable
Mr. Ritesh Sharma 9418652430
Mr. Nishant Chauhan 9817991166

"Explore your machining skills and let in to the groove of screeching rhythms of turning, facing, tapering, grooving and all you can do in a lathe machine"

Does performing operations on Lathe Machine fascinate you?? This is it, an event which will let you explore your potential in workshop practices. Participants are required to perform set of operations on the job using lathe machine problem statement for which will be declared on the spot.

Type of event: Group
Team Size: 1-2

  • Time limit will be decided according to nature of the job
  • Maximum of 2 Participants are allowed per team
  • Any damage to tool, lathe machine, surrounding etc. or any malpractices including negligence during machining will lead to disqualification
  • Fine will be taken if any major damages to tool, lathe machine or surroundings occur during operation
  • No extra work piece will be provided and carrying any extra material is also not allowed
  • Marks will be decided on the basis of dimensional accuracy and finishing of the part produced
  • Participant is responsible for their own safety
  • After the completion of the task all the accessories must be returned
  • The winner will be decided on the basis of accuracy & surface finish
  • Extra Points will be awarded to team which submits job before time
  • Judges decision will be final, binding to all and irrevocable
Mr. Ritesh Sharma 9418652430
Mr. Nishant Chauhan 9817991166

Technology has taken unparalleled pace today. Ideas travel from brain goes through researches and experiments and transform current technology in no time. Our aim of this event is to pull those ideas out of the brains of those, who are capable of revolutionize the world of technology in other dimension.

Problem statement:

You have to come up with an idea, be it an invention or use of pre-existing technology differently that can be useful to develop means for future. The idea should be feasible in present times. Your idea can be a help to the society. We are interested if your idea is related to field of simplifying lifestyle, or any other field that can benefit the society. The idea should be novel and unique. Be it large or small, any new idea is acceptable because even a small effort can make a difference.

Type of event: Group
Team Size: 1-2

  • Any undergraduate student of any discipline is eligible to participate in this event.
  • Each team may have maximum of 2 members
  • Participants are needed to send the abstract of the original to
  • Selection to the final presentation will be based on the abstract submitted
  • Final Presentation should be in “.ppt” format and should be timed for 12 mins (10 min for presentation & 2 min for Q&A)

Code War is an event in which participants came together to build amazing solutions with Software Development for real world challenges like Smart Social Challenges, Web portal, Mobile Apps, Games, Automation system, Simulator, Utility Programs etc.

  • Each participating team will consist of two members
  • Both participants shall present their work dividing the time in equal ratio
  • 10 minutes will be given to each team for present their designed project and additional 5 minutes will be for query by judges
  • Project work should be authentic & original
  • Participating team needs to bring their project with code
  • Participants are required to bring their own laptop
  • Participants are required to report at least 15 minutes before each event on respective venue
  • Any kind of indiscipline on the venue will lead to point deduction or even team disqualification
  • Organizers reserve the right to admission and to change or cancel any event without any prior notice
  • Project work should be judged on the basis of innovative idea, features, creativity, authenticity, problem-solving and user-friendly design.
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Judges/Organizers will be considered final and binding.

Code Crunchers is an event to test the programming ability of the participants. Here, the code cruncher has to discover missing code fragments as well as insert new code. It allows accessing their rich editing experience with syntax coloring, squiggle, and search and keyboard shortcuts. Code Crunchers provides fun for the most skilled coders.

  • This is an individual event i.e. single participant
  • Participant cross the hurdle through a brain-teasing session where he /she will be required to solve the given problem on-d-spot in C / C++ / Java language
  • 60 minutes will be given to each participant to solve the problem
  • Exceeding time limit may lead to negative marking
  • Prelims may be conducted depending upon the number of entries
  • Participants are required to report at least 15 minutes before each event on respective venue
  • Any kind of indiscipline on the venue will lead to point deduction or even team disqualification
  • Organizers reserve the right to admission and to change or cancel any event without any prior notice
  • Performance of the participant will be judged on the basis of the following parameters:
    • Time Complexity
    • Memory Space Complexity
    • Output Appearance
    • Work Justification
  • In case of any dispute, the decision of Judges will be considered final and binding.

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event Venue

The various events of UniversuMM 2018 shall be conducted at about 25+ Venues and Locations. The Cultural activities shall be conducted primarily at the Prince's Stage (Sports Complex Ground), the Queen's Stage (Nescafe), the Kings Stage (Cricket Ground) & MMDU Central Auditorium. The Sports Competitions would be conducted at the Sports Complex, Cricket Ground, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts, and the Squash Courts. The Literary & technical events shall be conducted at the Seminar & Conference Halls of the Institutions and at various technical arenas.


Shared accommodation in Rooms / Dormitory / Halls shall be provided to all participants from locations other than Ambala, Ambala Cantt. and Yamunagar; free of cost. All accommodation shall be on first registered first served basis. A candidate shall be considered registered once the fee for registration is paid online. Only basic facility such as Mattress, Bed-sheet & Pillow shall be provided. Students are advised to arrange all specific requirements if any, as desired.

Transport Facility

MMDU is well connected from Ambala Cannt. and all nearby cities. However, special buses shall ply from Ambala Cantt. for students who are arriving between 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM on 9th & 10th September 2018. Buses shall be arranged for departure on 12th September 2018, for those students who are leaving after 8:00 PM to Ambala Cantt.
Participants shall also be allowed to ply from and to various locations where University buses ply such as Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Patiala, Rajpura, etc. as per University bus schedule and availability of space in it.