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Tech-Check is basically an Online Technical Quiz on Basics of Civil Engineering. The students of all branches/fields will be eligible to participate in the event. The event is aimed to evaluate the basic understanding of various aspects of construction and materials used.

  • Each individual will be asked 30 Questions from Basics of Civil Engineering on Google forms format.
  • Each question carries 2 Marks and no negative marking.
  • Total 30 minutes will be given for response.
  • If any candidate feels network issues or due to any other reason he/she is unable to response in stipulated time, he/she will be automatically disqualified.
  • In case of clash of scores between two or more teams, the faster timing of submission of response will decide the winner of Tech-Check.

Google forms self-evaluate each participant by using correct response that is fed during the timing of preparation of questions for Tech-Check.

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This event is purely a technical event related to electronics and communication background students. The event is divided into two rounds. First round is Quiz round, In this round you have to answer 30 questions in 30 minutes of time interval. Qualifiers of first round are allowed to go on second round on the basis of qualifying criteria. Second round is an Article presentation round and you have given 2 hours to make your content, recording it and submitting it in the given time interval. No submission is allowed after the time is over for that round.

    ONLINE QUIZ (Round - 1)
  • You have to 30 questions on core field in 30 minutes of time interval.
  • First 6 qualifiers are going for second round.
  • You have to present an article on the given theme and at the same time record your video of your presentation and send to us on our contact details.
  • For this round, time interval of 2 hours is allotted for presenting, recording and submission of your presentation.
  • Theme is decided by organizers.
  • The writing should stick to the theme. The theme has been purposefully kept SUBJECTIVE in nature so that individual vision may come up.
  • Entries should be judged on presenting skills, content and overall impact. Due consideration will be given to the logical reasoning, arguments, quality, originality, language, style, and overall presentation.
  • The presentation should concisely illustrate the proposed theme, as well as its justification, objectives, expected outcomes, and the novelty of the theme. The evaluation team will assess and make recommendations for award based on a peer or most impactful presenting review process.
  • Ensure submission of your videos with mentioning your details- UNI-ID_Participantname_Event name.
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This event invites all the participants from various fields but they have to present the essay on the given token theme. As this event is not for purely technical students but non-technical students can also participate. In this event, a token is generated to participants and each token contains a theme in it, participants have to make writing in the form of essay or something else but it looks impactful and attractive corresponds to their token. For completing their task they have a time interval of 2 hour to submit their entries.

  • The writing should stick to the theme. The theme has been purposefully kept SUBJECTIVE in nature so that individual vision may come up.
  • Ensure submission of your writing with mentioning your details like UNI-ID_Participantname_Event name.
  • Title Page:
    UNI-ID, Participant name, Event name and e-mail address of the participant
    Abstract paragraph not to exceed 500 words.
  • Summary: Describe the given token theme, objectives, and approach. Description: Describe the methods or ideas that will be addressed in this writing, their creativity, and to what degree they modify the state-of-the-art
  • Entries should be judged on solution, content and overall impact. Due consideration will be given to the topic, arguments, quality or research and originality, besides language, style and overall presentation.
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Technology has taken unparalleled pace today. Ideas travel from brain goes through researches and experiments and transform current technology in no time. Our aim of this event is to pull those ideas out of the brains of those, who are capable of revolutionize the world of technology in other dimension.

Problem Statement:
You have to come up with an idea, be it an invention or use of pre-existing technology differently that can be useful to develop means for future. The idea should be feasible in present times. Your idea can be a help to the society. We are interested if your idea is related to field of simplifying lifestyle, or any other field that can benefit the society. The idea should be novel and unique. Be it large or small, any new idea is acceptable because even a small effort can make a difference. Team Size: Minimum -01 & Maximum-02

  • Any undergraduate student of any discipline is eligible to participate in this event.
  • Each team may have maximum of two members
  • Participants are needed to send the abstract of the original before the commencement date of UniversuMM2020 on [email protected]
  • Selection to the final presentation will be based on the abstract submitted.
  • Final Presentation should be in “.ppt” format and should be timed for 12 mins (10 min for presentation & 2 min for Q&A)
  • Uniqueness of Idea
  • Topic
  • must include flavor of Engineering, Science & Technology
    Organization of Content:
  • Idea is clearly presented
  • Layout of PPT
  • Body of PPT
  • Overall quality of PPT (including multimedia content)
    Presentation Skills (Oral presentation & delivery)
  • Communication: Language English, fluency, Confidence, Delivery, Grammer etc..
    Knowledge of material (familiarity with subject matter)
  • Exhibits Knowledge of subject matter & Answer question with confidence
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Mind Grill, Fun yet challenging enough to keep the participants hooked, it will consist of a single round where the participants will move their fingers as fast as they can to answer mind boggling questions handpicked by the CODEx team to grill the participants on their critical thinking and logical skills. Consisting of 15 questions, it will require some smart thinking and time management to get through the questions. It will consist of some basic brain teasers and other logical questions.

  • The questions can be attempted only once.
  • Time limit - 1 hr
  • In case of tie between 2 or more teams, time of submission shall be considered for final decision
  • You have to register individually.
  • Points will be deducted for Wrong spellings.
  • Links to the questions will be provided on given email 5 minutes prior the event.
  • Winners will be announced on the basis of score.
  • If tied, Winners will be announced on the basis of time of submission.
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Tech-India is a Quiz Competition. This competition is amazing for Tech-Savvy students.
Are you a gadget freak? Even if you aren’t, it’s difficult to escape technology these days. This is a simple and fun quiz to see how well you know the constantly evolving field of technology.
The questions will be related to the history and also new and upcoming technologies in the world.
There will be 4 rounds:
1. Preliminary Round :
All the teams will be given 10 questions related to general knowledge of the IT industry and new upcoming technologies which they have to solve in 20 minutes. Top 4 teams will be selected for the further rounds
2. Final Quiz;
There will be different quiz rounds on ZOOM or any other platform.

  • Team can be solo or max. Duo.
  • No extra time will be given to submit answers in the preliminary round.
  • Selected students shall be informed through email or by their contact numbers.
  • Further rounds will be conducted on ZOOM so the participants need to ensure good internet connectivity.
  • Participants need to turn their video on during the further rounds.
  • Participants need to maintain the decorum of the event. Any kind of misbehaviour can disqualify them from the event.
    Round 1 (Preliminary Round ):
  • Top 4 teams will be announced on the basis of score.
  • If tied, qualified teams will be announced on the basis of time of submission.
    Final Result:
  • Winner shall be announced on the basis of their score.
  • If tied, winners will be announced by a tie breaker round.
Arijit Amin 7011255469
Anshul Soni 8580499549