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Event 1: Ad-Mania The basic theme of the event is to bring out the Marketing and Presentation Skills of the Students. They have to post a Selfie with any product thinking as if they are endorsing the brand and they need to provide a unique tagline along with their Selfies.

Registration date:-
Registrations will open one week before the event.
    Executions Plan:-
    Platform Used:-“Facebook” and “Whatsapp” As this event is Online and based on photography(Selfie). So,
  • Firstly we will create a Facebook Page by the name related to ourevent.
  • Then we’ll create a Whatsapp group of the registered contestants 1 or 2 days before the main event in order to convey the rules andregulations.
  • Then after that we’ll ask the participants to upload their selfies with any product of their choice with a unique caption(Tagline) for that product on the day of the event.
  • The event will be opened for just 45 min. so all of them have to upload it in the stipulated time on the FacebookPage.
  • Then the result can be declared based on the entries or posts we get onourFacebook page.
  • The duration of the event is 45min.
  • The participants need to upload a Selfie(Which includes the product of their choice) with the unique tagline(Caption) on the Facebook page.
  • The Caption should be written in Englishonly.
  • The link to the Facebook page will be provided at the begining of theevent.
  • The participant’s face and the product chosen should be clear and notblurred otherwise it’ll not beconsidered.
  • The participant needs to upload their selfies in the stipulated time otherwise it’ll not be accepted for the event.
Judgment will be based on:
  • Uniqueness in Tagline
  • Creativity
  • Product presentation
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This will be a Management event. It’s an on the spot topic-based competition. Under this, we will provide the (Brand name)to express their thoughts that how they can endorse any brand in the market and what will be the marketing strategy. For this, we will provide 5 to 7 minutes for discussion. The best idea will be the winner.

    The criteria for judgment will be based on
  • Uniqueness of the concept
  • Presentation skills
  • Coordination among team members
    This will be a team-based event. 2 members per team are allowed,
  • Live supervision using GOOGLE meet platform on which the event will be held. The link for the meeting will be shared with participants 1 day before the event is scheduled on the Whatsapp group. The participants can contact the coordinator for any assistance required during the event or during registration for the same. All the queries will be solved immediately

  • Brand ideas should be unique.
  • No copy pasting is allowed.
  • Thought should be clear about that particular brand. Two members are allowed in one team only.
  • Video mode should be on while Discussion. The time duration will be between 5 to 7 minutes.
  • The best thought will be the winner.
  • The idea must be new, perfect and according to the given topic.
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This will be a photography event. It’s an on the spot theme-based competition. Under this, we will provide a theme for photography to the students and give 30 minutes for photography. The best shot will be the winner.

  • The coordinator will be forming awhatsapp group of all the participants and on which the link for the meeting will be shared. Live supervision using GOOGLE meet followed by submission of final work on official email IDs. The participants will be asked to join the meeting during which they will be given the theme for the competition and the final submission of the pictures will be done through the official mail id.
  • The image should be the same as the theme given.
  • No editing is allowed.
  • The picture should be filterless.
  • Sinlge picture will be considered.
  • After time duration students have to E-mail the picture.
  • Theme should be shown in the image properly
  • Picture quality without filters
  • Background Themes
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Challenge is a one-of-its-kind Case Study Challenge that is designed to test your problem-solving skills while dealing with critical business situations. The CEO Challenge cases are designed to give you a flavor of the everyday business decisions

We will be forming a Whatsapp group with all the participants 2 days before the competition and intimate the participants of all the procedures. We will be sharing the official E-mail ID with participants on which they will have to submit their answers. All the participants will receive the case study on their mail mentioned during registration which will be verified by us on the Whatsapp group itself.

  • A comprehensive and crisp analysis of the case and a simple and clear solution will be appreciated.
  • You will have 1.5 hours to solve the case study. The case will be mailed to all the team members.
  • All solutions must have the Team Name, Participant Names, Phone Numbers and College Names
  • Attach your solution in an email.
  • Please mail in the format prescribed
  • You are not expected to use any additional information.
  • State your assumptions clearly and justify them. Please show all relevant calculations (if any).
  • There is no pre-defined format of presentation format. It’s completely left
    The participants will be judged on the basis of:
  • Logical Flow
  • Analytical Reasoning and
  • nnovation.
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The basic theme of the game is to get the idea of companies, their goals and achievements. It’ll help realize that this simple game helps you build your knowledge for the future no matter what company you join. There will be lines from the company website that will be -fill in the blanks, match the word, match the logo or the picture, Even true or false based questions.

    Registration date-
  • Registration will open one week before the event
    Execution plan-
  • As the event is online-based, the platform used is google quiz or google sheet shared through drive.
  • Participants will be given the link 15 minutes prior in the WhatsApp group created before the event for the registered students which will directly go to the quiz sheet on google drive which will be of 80 questions for 1 hour
  • The ranking will be declared by proper words in the answers
  • Incorrect words resembling the answer will not be appreciated
  • The result will be given through mail from the university.

  • The game is simple with a duration of 1hour
  • With 80 questions
  • Marks will be ranked 1st 2nd 3rdonly
  • No negative marking but there will be spelling and exact word matching for judgement.
  • Most of the options will be confusing when it comes to goals and achievements which will make you search the internet, which will be allowed because there will be a need of it aswell.
  • Uniqueness
  • Creativity
  • Product Presentation
Bhavya Bakshi 8950200994
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