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“No Single Flower is competing for attention in the bouquet- they all work together to create a symphony” .Use your imagination to create a unique ambience with flowers. Creating magic with flowers and other materials has no boundaries. The students will be expected to create a pleasing and balanced composition of Flowers, Plant materials, fruits, vegetables and even any other item to redefine the magic….

  • Each team will consist of 02 members
  • Participants will have to give a name or title to their arrangement related to the theme which they have chosen to portray
  • Time allotted for the competition will be 3 hrs and an additional 15 minutes will be provided for final touch, cleaning and winding up
  • The participants have to bring in their own flowers, foliages, colors and other materials for the presentation.
  • The use of artificial & dry flowers or any other material is restricted to 1/3rd part of the whole arrangement
  • Participants have to bring their own props and supportive tools
  • The Flower arrangement should portray the theme cohesively
  • Visual Appeal
  • Theme/ Concept
  • Harmony
  • Symmetry
  • Style
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“Cooking is Love made visible and dessert provides it expressions”. This best way to express their love for cooking is making desserts. The theme defines the outline for the competition where the students will be required to dress a spongecake with no boundaries….. and show their love. The participants will be required to dress the Cake Sponge provided by the institute. They will have to prepare their cake for judgment and tasting.

Round 1: Elocution
  • Each team will consist of 02 members
  • Time allotted for the event will be 3 hrs
  • The Participants need to prepare one cake on any theme.
  • The presentation time is included in the stipulated time
  • Participant will have to carry his/ her own ingredients, tools and props for preparation and presentation
  • All the teams participating in the competition should reach the venue 30 minutes before the start of the competition
  • Props will have to be setup within the stipulated time limit
  • The teams are required to carry their own uniforms along with the chef kit and props
  • Product Knowledge
  • Product Quality
  • Appearance
  • Presentation of the indent & recipe.
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The competition is thought of providing chance to the participants of synergizing ability with the skills of each other. This is to align the efforts of the participants with each other and present a final product that will reflect the combination of each other's understanding, skills and team work.

  • Each team will consist of 02 members
  • This competition is based on the concept of relay cooking of a 3 course menu comprising of Soup, Mains with two Accompaniments and a Dessert
  • Participants need to bring their own ingredients. A surprise basket of two ingredients would be provided.
  • Time allotted for the event will be 3 hrs
  • First participant would be allowed in the kitchen for 50 minutes
  • After 50 minutes, the second participant would be allowed to enter the kitchen and would carry on the work further. However, he would not be allowed to interact with the first participant
  • During the last 20 minutes of the competition, the first participant would join the other to finish and present the products
  • Participant will have to carry his/ her own ingredients, tools and props for preparation and presentation
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This is the best way to express their design with theme in mind. The Theme creation competition display their art of creativeness, skill, innovation to organize a unique theme for a buffet, bar, restaurant etc. The theme define the outline for the competition where the candidate will be require to prepare a creative theme and team will be require to prepared the theme as per the allotted place. This event will showcase the passion and effort of the candidate.

  • Each team will consist of 02to 04 members
  • Time allotted for the event will be 3 hrs
  • The teams need to create a theme for a specialty restaurant or banquet in a space of size 4ft X 6ft
  • Participant will have to carry their own tools and equipments
  • All the set-up have to be done with in stipulated time limit
  • No additional time will be provided to the participant, additional time will lead to negative marking
  • Participant will have to give a name or title to their theme
  • The evaluation parameter will be based on Creativity & Originality, relevance of material/ artifacts/ utensils used neatness of decoration.
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Ms. Khushboo 7056063304

The quiz will primarily be there to showcase the technical knowledge of the participant along with some fun elements as well. It will be divided in three rounds

  • Fun Round
  • General Knowledge
  • Technical Round ( Core areas of the hotel like Front Office, Accommodation Operations, Food Production and Food & Beverage Service)
Fun Round: This round will have some fun elements attached to it.
  • The participants will be made to identify the personality, images, spell check, tongue twister etc.
  • Each team will be asked questions one by one.
  • There will be no negative marking for the same
  • The question can be passed to the next team, if they answers correctly then they will earn 5 bonus point
General Knowledge: Rapid Fire Round
  • Each team will be asked 10 questions rapidly
  • The questions will cover the latest current affairs in India only
  • Indian Awards, personalities, latest events in field of sports, technology will find its way in the quiz
  • The questions are non transferable
  • There will be a negative marking of 5 points for each wrong answer
  • A Team can skip a question without answering.
  • A team can earn a total of 100 points in this quiz
Technical Round:
  • This round will have multiple choice answers
  • The questions will generally be based on all the core technical hotel departments
  • There will be approximately 10 questions for each team
  • For every wrong answer there will be negative marking if a question is passed to the next team no negative marking

  • Each team will consist of 02 members
  • Only 02 teams can participate from each institute/college
  • Only six teams will be eligible for the final quiz
  • If required, there will be a written elimination round for all the participating teams
  • The decision of the jury would be deemed to be final
  • Each team will get 15 seconds to answer
  • Team will earn 10 points with each correct answer
  • In case of a tie, there will be a quick-fire round to judge the winner.
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Ms. Khushboo 7056063304

Type of event: Solo
Team Size: 1

    This competition shall be organized & awarded separately under two categories:
  • English
  • Hindi
There shall be two Rounds in this competition.
Round 1: Eliminator (This round shall decide the top 5 finalist of the competition):
Round 2: Finale

  • Topic shall be given on the spot. However, 5 minutes preparation time shall be given to each individual.
  • Participant has to speak for the topic for one minute followed by against the motion in the next minute. Time of switch shall be indicated by a bell after the first minute is over.
  • A maximum of 8 participants shall qualify to round 2. Round 2 shall have the same activities as in Round 1.
  • The winner will be decided by cumulative marks of both the rounds.
  • The decision of the judging panel will be final and binding.
  • Reading from paper/other resources such as mobile phone/ tabs etc. is not permissible any shall lead to immediate disqualification.
  • Content
  • Presentation
  • Ease of switch
  • Fluency and communication
  • Point offered
Mr. Susheel Kumar 7056567485
Ms. Khushboo 7056063304

Travel Information

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event Venue

The various events of UniversuMM 2018 shall be conducted at about 25+ Venues and Locations. The Cultural activities shall be conducted primarily at the Prince's Stage (Sports Complex Ground), the Queen's Stage (Nescafe), the Kings Stage (Cricket Ground) & MMDU Central Auditorium. The Sports Competitions would be conducted at the Sports Complex, Cricket Ground, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts, and the Squash Courts. The Literary & technical events shall be conducted at the Seminar & Conference Halls of the Institutions and at various technical arenas.


Shared accommodation in Rooms / Dormitory / Halls shall be provided to all participants from locations other than Ambala, Ambala Cantt. and Yamunagar; free of cost. All accommodation shall be on first registered first served basis. A candidate shall be considered registered once the fee for registration is paid online. Only basic facility such as Mattress, Bed-sheet & Pillow shall be provided. Students are advised to arrange all specific requirements if any, as desired.

Transport Facility

MMDU is well connected from Ambala Cannt. and all nearby cities. However, special buses shall ply from Ambala Cantt. for students who are arriving between 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM on 9th & 10th September 2018. Buses shall be arranged for departure on 12th September 2018, for those students who are leaving after 8:00 PM to Ambala Cantt.
Participants shall also be allowed to ply from and to various locations where University buses ply such as Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Patiala, Rajpura, etc. as per University bus schedule and availability of space in it.