Test your knowledge of healthiness and promptness alike in the ultimate challenge

This is a quiz contest based on fundamental healthcare topics. Questions will be based on fundamental healthcare general knowledge, current affairs and common topics not particularly specific to medical, dental, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, biotechnology or any one course. A mix of basic knowledge and recent advances in the field of healthcare is essential.

  • Teams of 2 - 3 members will participate
  • Elimination- 3 rounds will be conducted to select teams that will enter the final round
  • Each round will be of 5 questions with 1 minute on first call and 30 seconds on pass and 5 questions on buzzer strike
  • Questions will be based on healthcare general knowledge, current affairs and common topics not particularly specific to medical/ dental/ nursing/ physiotherapy/ pharmacy/ biotechnology or any one course
  • Decisions of quiz master and referees will be final

This is a contest testing speed and skills in identifying or diagnosing a series of entities, case conditions, signs, symptoms or procedures shown as a series ofprojected images, video clips or audio clips. Knowledge, speed and ingenuity in diagnostic capabilities is essential. This gives one the platform to bring out the best doctor within.

  • Individual participation
  • Elimination of 2 rounds and finals of 1 roundwill be held
  • In each round all the individual participants will be sequentially shown projected images, videos or audios for identifying or diagnosis
  • These will be shown for about 10 to 20 secs., each depending on their nature
  • The participants will be asked to jot their answers in a structured response sheet provided to them
  • Results will be based on comparison with the key
  • A final round will be held if there are more than 3 winners
  • Decisions of the event master and referees will be final

Imagination speaks through paper sometime, so a competitive event is on arriving. To convert this imagination into rear view on topic "Healthy lifestyle and Health Promotion"
Event Type: Solo

  • Open entry
  • All the participants should bring their poster material ( Charts size sheet, Colors, Decorating materials)
  • All the participants need to be abide by time duration
  • Use of any internet sources will be restricted
  • Decision of the respected judges will be marked as final

This is an intelligent and interesting medical detective & thriller game to find "Drug Related Problems" as well as "Medication Errors" in a given prescription or case study within a stipulated time. One has to be ready to explore ones expertise for findings these problems and errors.This tests the knowledge and ability to optimally use library and Internet resources to achieve the end.

  • Teams of 2 - 4 members each will participate
  • Elimination- 4 rounds
  • Finals- 1 round if required
  • In each round each team will be sequentially assigned a task in the form of a clinical case study
  • In that the respective teams will identify any Drugs Related Problem as well as Medication Errors
  • The participants will be asked to jot their answers in a structured response sheet provided to them
  • Results will be based on comparison with the key
  • A final round will be held if there are more than 3 winners
  • Participant need to carry their own gadgets/ laptop/ tablets and Internet connection etc. if needed.
  • Decisions of the event master and judges will be final.
Pooja 9996587391

Imagine and compose your advertisement on health related topics, to check the skill and innovative Idea of the Participate.

Topic related to General Health will be given on spot.

Solo Event

  • Drawing and Painting
  • Time 01:30 Hours.
  • Participant has to bring:
    Chart - 01
    Colors - 01
    Decorative Material - 01

It will be based on Physiotherapy specifically. There will be a round for general knowledge and current affairs also. Initially, there will be written test to shortlist the final 4 teams for, on stage quiz.

Event Type: Group
Team Size: 3

  • Students must carry their identity cards
  • For preliminary selection, 25 MCQs will be given. No negative marking.
  • Final quiz will have 4 rounds, namely, basics of medical sciences, general knowledge, audio-visual and rapid fire.
  • Rapid fire will carry negative marking.
  • Final decision will be based on correct answers given.

At the discretion of the Quiz Master.

It is a poster presentation competition with the themes based on Physiotherapy. Participants will be asked to submit the abstracts 10 days prior to the event date. The poster should be of 3 ft x 4 ft. The posters should be printed (flex) or designed.

Event Type: Group
Team Size: 03


  • Title should be in font Times New Roman, size 14, bold, and block letter.
  • Content should be in – Times New Roman, size 12, spacing 2 limited to 400 words (excluding title & authors)
  • Name of the author/co-author/guide, their designation, and institute should be mentioned below the title along with category of presentation (Junior/Senior) and preference of presentation (Platform/Poster).
  • Name of the presenting author should be underlined.
  • Aim and objectives & purpose of the study (please do not use any abbreviations or acronyms)
  • Methodology – should include description of the following:
    • Study design
    • Sample population and sample size
    • Sampling technique
    • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
    • Outcome measures collection & analysis
  • Results – should be clearly mentioned and should emphasize on, analysis and main findings of the study (values, following statistical should be mentioned wherever applicable). Abstract should not contain table, charts, graphs or diagrams. Studies which do not detail they will not be accepted.
  • Conclusion & clinical significance should include a clear statement your study with reference to your findings
  • Key words – provide maximum 4 key words relevant to your topic.
  • E-mail address of the presenting author.(BOLD)
  • Prizes will be awarded as per the judgement of expert panel. Judges will be having vast experience in academic and research field.

As per standard poster evaluation parameters.

Dr. Aurodeep Dasgupta 9475124675
Dr. Rajnee Mishra 8697568628

Travel Information

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event Venue

The various events of UniversuMM 2018 shall be conducted at about 25+ Venues and Locations. The Cultural activities shall be conducted primarily at the Prince's Stage (Sports Complex Ground), the Queen's Stage (Nescafe), the Kings Stage (Cricket Ground) & MMDU Central Auditorium. The Sports Competitions would be conducted at the Sports Complex, Cricket Ground, Volleyball Courts, Basketball Courts, and the Squash Courts. The Literary & technical events shall be conducted at the Seminar & Conference Halls of the Institutions and at various technical arenas.


Shared accommodation in Rooms / Dormitory / Halls shall be provided to all participants from locations other than Ambala, Ambala Cantt. and Yamunagar; free of cost. All accommodation shall be on first registered first served basis. A candidate shall be considered registered once the fee for registration is paid online. Only basic facility such as Mattress, Bed-sheet & Pillow shall be provided. Students are advised to arrange all specific requirements if any, as desired.

Transport Facility

MMDU is well connected from Ambala Cannt. and all nearby cities. However, special buses shall ply from Ambala Cantt. for students who are arriving between 8:00 PM - 6:00 AM on 9th & 10th September 2018. Buses shall be arranged for departure on 12th September 2018, for those students who are leaving after 8:00 PM to Ambala Cantt.
Participants shall also be allowed to ply from and to various locations where University buses ply such as Ambala, Yamuna Nagar, Karnal, Kurukshetra, Chandigarh, Patiala, Rajpura, etc. as per University bus schedule and availability of space in it.