This event has given the opportunity to those who wants to showbiz their talents in the field of photography and they are love to shoot and click anywhere they found the beauty of nature, mountains, flowers, ambience, social activities, culture etc. Now a days the corporate world is also enrich with the specialised photography to sell their products online, wherein they are influencing the customers with the help of natural photography depicted to their clients. The natural ambience and real life photography are much in demand. If you have a passion to click the unique photos, here you can show your zeal with the help of this unique competition.

Event Type: Solo

  • The themes for the click and Blink are as follows: Nature, Infrastructure, Product displays, shopping, localities
  • The picture should be clear and must emboss the theme on it
  • No editing accept the theme is allowed on the pictures
  • No mixing of filtration is allowed
  • Must project the innovation in ideas
  • The starting time of the event is 11:00 am on the day of the event.
  • The Photographs must have a time and date, only those entries have timings between 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM will be entertained.
  • You can send your entries to the email id [email protected]


  • Picture clarity
  • Originality
  • Theme based or not
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    Ms. Surbhi 7988293870

This will be a Management event. It’s a on the spot topic based competition. Under this we will provide the (Brand name) to express their thoughts that how they can endorse any brand in the market and what will be the marketing strategy. For this we will provide5 to 7 minutes for Discussion. The best idea will be the winner.

This will a team based event. 2 members per team area allowed

  • Brand idea should be unique.
  • No copy pasting is allowed.
  • Thought should be clear about that particular brand.
  • Two members are allowed in one team only.
  • Video mode should be on while Discussion.
  • Time duration will be between 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Best thought will be the winner.
  • Idea must be new and perfect and according to given topic also.
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The basic theme of the event is to bring out the Marketing and Presentation Skills of the Students. They have to post a Selfie with any product thinking as if they are endorsing the brand and they need to provide a unique tagline along with their Selfies.

Event Type: Solo

Team Size: 01

  • As this event is Online and based on photography(Selfie).So,
  • Firstly we will create a Facebook Page by the name related to our event.
  • Then we’ll create a Whatsapp group of the registered contestants 1 or 2 days before the main event in order to convey the rules and regulations.
  • Then after that we’ll ask the participants to upload their selfies with any product of their choice with a unique caption(Tagline) for that product on the day of the event.
  • The event will be opened for just 45 min so all of them have to upload it in the stipulated time on the Facebook Page.
  • Then the result can be declared on the basis of the entries or posts we get on our Facebook page.
  • The duration of the event is 45 min.
  • The participants needs to upload a Selfie(Which includes the product of their choice) with the unique tagline(Caption) on the Facebook Page.
  • The Caption should be written in English only.
  • The link of the Facebook page will be given at the start of the event.
  • The participants face and the product chosen should be clear and not blurred otherwise it’ll not be considered.
  • The participant needs to upload their selfies in the stipulated time otherwise it’ll not be accepted for the Event.
  • Uniqueness in Taglines.
  • Creativity
  • Product Presentation.
  • Visual graphics used if any
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For years, companies in India have been transitioning from family ownership to run operations more professionally.

The classic family enterprise starts with an innovative founder who leads it through some of its most dramatic growth years. It’s increasingly evident that maintaining this entrepreneurial edge is critical for long-term survival. For family businesses, the changing environment poses distinct opportunities and challenges to the business model. Your limitation is your imagination. Break those limitations!

The competition is being organized to identify potential family-run businesses and convert them into futuristic ideas and focus on stimulating young minds to think creatively and work towards innovative business ideas and solutions for the country’s most promising businesses.

The participating teams should work on any mid-size business ventures whose owners could be approached easily and should have a relationship with any of the participants close enough to know shareable insights of the respective businesses

Event Type: Group

Team Size: 2-4

  • Each team should consist of a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of 4 members. Any number of business plans from an institution may be allowed, provided that the teams have no common members.
  • You are required to prepare the PPTs of your Business Plan containing 15-20 slides only
  • Only Team Leader will be able to make the submission.
  • All submissions to be submitted using the provided platform.
  • B-Plan submission and communication will be sent to the email id [email protected]
  • Elevator pitch should broadly address the problem targeted, how it would be resolved, who all will benefit, and how you will reach the first customer; any prototype or Minimum Viable Product could also be displayed.
  • While presenting the Business Plan funding requirements, current and projected financials, broad break-up of application of funds, and scaling-up strategy may be explained.
  • Judges’ decisions will be final.
  • Unique Idea for sustainable development and economic growth
  • Problem statements and appropriate solutions
  • Best idea on the basis of resources feasibilities
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Today, quizzes are interactive platforms where students are not participating to take home a prize or get famous overnight, but to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and secure their future.

* Changes scope of learning: Since questions are based out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and extensive research, students get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age.

* Encourages team work: Students need to form teams while participating in quizzes, giving them an opportunity to hone their teamwork skills.

* Bridges academia-industry gap: During interviews, recruiters have found that Indian students are good in theoretical knowledge but are not privy to industry knowledge because of the current pattern of curriculum. Hence, there is still a huge gap in preparing our students for the market.

* The future of quizzing lies in our desire to transform learning for our students. While the tools are in abundance, the focus needs to be on the content. Quizzing is not just about GK, but about connecting the dots, reading between the lines and arriving at a conclusion. It needs to focus on logical reasoning.

* The Quiz shall be conducted online using features like Google Meet, Zoom, etc.

Event Type: Group

Team Size: 2

  • The quiz competition is based on General Knowledge questions, History, Geography, Economy, Sports, Business, Management, Brands, Logos
  • Only team entries will be allowed. A team shall consist of two participants only
  • The quiz consists of six rounds on the fields mentioned above
  • Maximum time limit to answer the question is 30 Seconds
  • The teams which are enable to answer the question, the question will pass to the subsequent teams
  • The winners will be announced on the basis of cumulative scores of all the rounds, the top scorers will be the winner.
  • The use of mobile/electronic gadgets is prohibited.
  • The rules for final round will be announced by the quiz master.
  • The judgement will be on the basis of the quiz master and scorer results
Ms. Manisha 8813940998
Ms. Bharti Verma 8219539704