A poster is a temporary promotion of an idea, product or event put up in a public space for mass consumptionand also provides a unique opportunity to all students across India by facilitating them to showcase their presenting idea by the poster.


  • To have an opportunity to present their research and receive feedback from eminent professors and industry experts
  • To connect the students with industrialists and professors enhancing technical development
  • To provide the opportunity for promoting newly innovative ideas
  • All participating students will get e- certificate of participation directly downloadable from their account of the contestants on UniversuMM website

Event Type: Group

Team size: 01-04


  • Resilient farming under climate change
  • Impact of Pandemic COVID-19 on agriculture
  • Organic farming


Team size: 01-04

  • Students will be report 15 minute prior of the events
  • Poster display should include such as Name, Roll no and Department
  • Participants are allowed to choose the topic from the above stream
  • Poster should reflect your theme work
  • Students will be given space for presenting their poster
  • Student will be allotted time to present poster in front of Judges
  • No act shall contain any offensive, obscene, disrespectful actions or gestures. The act will be immediately stopped and the entry will be disqualified, if these instructions are not followed
  • Decision of judges will be considered as final.
  • Creativity and presentation -50 MARKS
  • Originality and resources utilization- 30 MARKS
  • Relevance to the theme- 20 MARKS
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Nursery is a place where planting material, such as seedlings, saplings, cuttings, etc., are raised, propagated and multiplied under favourable conditions for transplanting in prepared beds. The availability of quality and true-to-type planting material is the prerequisite of successful and remunerative ornamental crop production. Setting up of a nursery is a long-term venture, and requires planning and expertise. In a nursery, plants are nurtured by providing them with optimum growing conditions to ensure germination. Nursery saves considerable time for the raising of the next crop. In fact, mass multiplication of quality planting materials is the center theme of nursery management is a trade oriented dynamic process, which refers to efficient utilization of resources for economic returns.

Event Type: Solo

Team Size: 01

Time of the event: 1 hour

  • Video clips must be of good quality.
  • Time duration of demonstration by one: 3-6 minutes
  • Audio quality should be good, without background noise.
  • Nursery demonstration should include plants/saplings/indoors/ornamentals have market value.
  • Presentation=10 marks
  • Content= 10 marks
  • Video quality=10 marks
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