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When you present a poster presentation, it means that you will display your poster on the given theme and be available for viewers to see the matter how effectively it is represented on the poster. Poster-making competition with the aim of awareness raising and promotion of millets as future smart crops.

Type of event: Solo
Team Size: Individual

First Prize
Second Prize
  • Create a poster presentation; print and trim final version to a size of 40" x 32" (102 cm x 81 cm); landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Prepare a short pitch discussing the poster presentation (less than 5 minutes is recommended).
  • Share your presentation with visitors and evaluators.
  • Language of poster: English (The winner will be given an opportunity to translate the poster into their native language for wider public distribution).
  • The poster must contain the following information (no restriction to follow a particular pattern, but required information should be visible): Poster title, content, author names, institution name (of the lead author)
  • Failure to follow the mentioned guidelines will result in direct disqualification of submitted entries.
  • Relevance to the theme.
  • Visual appearance.
  • Effectiveness in communicating the intended message.
  • Overall Presentation.

Student Coordinator

Sanskriti 8271460775
Ashish 8207703734

This competition is conducted in order to engage students to show their creativity and also to give wings to their imagination and thoughts. The competition is all about the enhancement of the students. The main objective of this competition is to encourage students to design and build a model by applying their knowledge and creativity. You have to build 3D models on the theme of “Modern Farming”.

Type of event: Group
Team Size: 5

First Prize
Second Prize
  • This Competition will be Conducted with ‘Pre-build Models’.
  • The model should be related to Modern Farming.
  • The Participants should arrange all implements and needs themselves.
  • If any artificial build model is found, the participant will be disqualified.
  • The model should be creative and attractive.
  • Subject relevance
  • Presentation
  • Creativity and ideas
  • Neatness

Student Coordinator

Harsh Saini 8397859561
Manas Garg 9896094195