Excited for National Youth Festival UniversuMM 2020?

MM(DU) proudly announces the most awaited event of the year – this year, the annual National Youth Festival UniversuMM to be conducted in e-mode.

In this unprecedented time, MM(DU) has taken the unprecedented decision of not letting the great learning experience of our students as well as those of participating Universities come to a standstill. Get ready to take part in exciting events online. This time, the three-day National Youth Festival UniversuMM 2020 will comprise of 90+ competitions in the field of Music, Dance, Theatre, Fine Arts, Fashion, Photography, Technical Expertise, Health Practices, Hospitality Applications and Business Managerial Skills.

This is your chance to indulge in the kaleidoscopic events and competitions reflecting the vivacious colours of youth.



Showcasing 90+ events that surpass every kind of vivid Imagination, UniversuMM is here to redeem all the fun and playfulness we missed in this year!



Get ready to cherish more than 72 Hours of vibrant and amazing entertainment!


Claim to be the best artiste by showing your astounding performance